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Just the Basics – Best Caliber – Best Gun for you to carry . . . by William Keller

Training – It’s the Grip you will fight with . . . by William Keller

Training to the Point of Failure by William Keller

You just can't... A respectful example of yes I can. By Jonathan Willis

Haters, Fan Boys, and Valid Instruction by Chris Shoffner

Fighting In and Around a Vehicle by Pat Sacco

The Truth about Trigger Weight

The OODA Loop Delineated - By Maz Rahmaty

Trauma Kit Concepts - K.I.S.S by Jonathan Willis

Not all tourniquets are created equal - By Jonathan Willis

Triggernometry - Arthur Viani


Tools of the Trade - By Dave Spaulding

The Active Shooter Conundrum - By Dave Spaulding

Ankle Holster Carry - By Dave Spaulding

The Combative Carbine, Part II - By Dave Spaulding

Developing the Combative Mind - By Dave Spaulding


Get in the Zone - By Dave Spaulding

A Felon on Firearms - By Dave Spaulding

Virtues of Video The top 5 gun videos for starters - By Dave Spaulding

Get a Grip How to Hold your Pistol - By Dave Spaulding

Duty Effective Federal’s HST ammo made for cops has proven itself after years on the street - By Dave Spaulding

Next Generation Pistol Sights - Dave Spaulding

It Depends Firearms & combat techniques should adapt to the specific situation - By Dave Spaulding

Ready Positions - By Dave Spaulding

Ready…or Not? Understanding the difference between confrontation,
ready & preparatory combative handgun positions - By Dave Spaulding

Red Dot Update Are mini red dots the next generation of combative pistol sights? - By Dave Spaulding

Skills, Drills & Standards - By Dave Spaulding

FIGHTING MINDSET It’s Brains Over Brawn - By Dave Spaulding

Hit Your Mark Realistic targets are essential for combative & interactive training - By Dave Spaulding

TEMPLAR CUSTOM SR9 9mm - By Dave Spaulding